I had the opportunity to have dinner with The Doobie Brothers in August of 2010 as they were rushing out of town to do a concert at Sturgis, SD, during

The Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, something they have done for years.  One of the first things that the Brothers laid on me was the video of their new single, “Nobody.”  The video goes back and forth from vintage film that I shot for them during the “What Were Vices Are Now Habits” and “Taking It To The Streets” tours and new footage of The Doobies performing “Nobody” on a studio sound stage.  As I watched “Nobody” for the first time, I was excited and had a sense of satisfaction that what I created had been finally used in such a significant way.  Tom Johnston, Pat Simmons, John McFee and the rest of the Brothers thanked me for a job well done, what an exhilarating moment! 


The Doobie Brothers, “Nobody”

Bonnie & The Beard, “Sweet Devil Whiskey”

Bonnie & The Beard,  “Money Honey”

    I have been blessed with three fantastic children and one of them Bonnie, from the band Bonnie And The Beard has been inspirational in regards to my new documentations of the music scene.  Documenting her career has introduced me to a new generation of music, with access to live performances  like it was in the early days of Rock and Roll.  What is different now, is there are more clubs and venues to hear live music and a ton of really talented players playing in them.  The bar has definitely been raised as to the level of musicianship you need to keep playing.  This scene is a constant growing and changing chameleon.  As bands and players change, so does the music and it has been fun documenting all of this, the music is fantastic.

   Bonnie and the Beard live in a tent and practice juggling flaming arrows when they are not painting their faces and making moonshine. They began playing together after spending a hazy summer writing as the old, dusty cowboys they both admired. Wandering through canyons and sharing fireside meals with their wolf dog, their stories of nomadic rebels began to pour into rousing and passionate songs. Combining a little bit dirty rock, a little bit blues, a little gypsy and a little country folk--they're almost a wheelin’ dealin’ circus band. Their raw energy and whiskey soothed voices conjure up images of open desert road, nights under the stars and rusty Cadillacs.

The Doobie Brothers,  Cycles Tour

    The Doobies live at Red Rocks Amphitheater during the Summer of 1989.  Throughout the years since I first started working for the Doobie Brothers, our paths always crossed, whether it for some project or just brotherly love.  This tour is special because of the players who participated.  Tommy Johnston, Pat Simmons, John Hartman, Tiran Porter,

Michael Hossack, Bobby LaKind, Cornelius Bumpus and Phillip Aaberg.  Documenting the Doobies this time brought back many, many fond memories of being on the road.  I guess that the comradery of being Brothers on the road, depending on one another to survive gives you a better  sense of being wanted and needed.  Plus, at its best touring is a helluva lot of fun.  At its worse, planes, tour buses, rental cars, Holiday Inns, Dennys and IHop.   I always told everyone that “ instead of going to war, I went on a Rock and Roll Tour”.